Barbershop & Shaveclub

BOURBON is a relaxing & rejuvenating experience with an aromatic complexity & nuance of sensations that cannot be found in mainstream service. We provide an exclusive club-like atmosphere where a man can indulge in the quiet luxury of a premium haircut, hot lather shave or fine spirit. A welcomed interlude in men’s hectic lives since 2015.

 BOURBON Barbershop & Shaveclub is a collective guild of independent craftsmen. Much like Distillers, Barbers honor their craft honed over time & forged in tradition by exploring new iterations on traditional styles. 

2341 Millar Ave
Saskatoon, SK
We pair men's grooming & the art of  fine spirit enjoyment in curating a signature blend for you to call your own.
Every visit reveals our unrivalled commitment to
the Mastery of Barbering & appreciation for the art of Fine Spirit Making.

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